13 Oct / 2017

All you need to know about erectile dysfunction

Sexual disorder, also known as impotence and erectile dysfunction is one of the most embarrassing male medical conditions. Unfortunately, a lot of men are suffering from it. Erectile dysfunction is the inability to have an erection that will last enough for at least a round of sexual intercourse.

A lot of reasons could have led to it and it comes with several symptoms. While a lot of erectile dysfunction patients continuously look for a permanent solution, some other patients are too shy to open up to anybody about it. They prefer to simply suffer in silence.

There is no gainsaying the fact that the men that can’t tear the toga of shame and tackle the condition cannot receive treatment and eventual solution. To improve or treat such ailment, you have to contact a known qualified specialist who has a proven track record. Open up to him completely and give him all the necessary information without holding anything back. The more information he has about your condition the easier it will be for him to treat you effectively.

Factors that are responsible for erectile dysfunction

While some of the factors that contribute to this embarrassing ailment are psychological, others are physical. Use of herbal supplements, overuse of some vitamins, intake of certain drugs, smoking and even intake of certain minerals can reduce or completely eliminate the ability of a man to have an erection long enough for an intercourse. They can also reduce a man’s libido level and even completely erase his desire to have sex.

Due to the fact that, loss of erection can also be caused by age, any man that is above 50 has more chances of suffering from this condition. So, older men have to be more careful with what they consume.

Symptoms and major causes

Some of the factors that can initiate or contribute to the development of impotence are relationship problems, stress and anxiety. If it happens once in a long while, it is not such a problem but when it happens repeatedly, it becomes an issue so you should contact your doctor immediately.

The common symptoms of impotence apart from the inability to get an erection are lack of desire for sex, perpetual low libido and inability to hold erection long enough.

This condition can also lead to general poor state of health when it begins to bother you. So, a little improvement in the condition can lead to significant improvement in the state of health. The causes of impotence can be divided into three broad groups which are emotional causes, physical causes and combined causes.

Physical causes are heart rhythm complications, coronary artery disease, obesity, diabetes, heart diseases and many more.

Emotional causes of impotence are relationship problems, social problems, anxiety and even depression.

The third category of causes is the combination of both psychological and physical factors.

How to eliminate the signs of erectile dysfunction

Depending on personal preference and the intensity of the condition, it can be treated with the use of medication, surgery, herbal therapy and other forms of treatment. You are the one that will select which of the methods works for your overall health. Some common pills for impotence are Levitra, Cialis and Viagra (https://canadianpharmacyonline.org/product/viagra/). These pills have been used for erectile dysfunction and its symptoms and they have worked effectively over the years.

Viagra is the most effective because it works fast and its effect lasts for more than 4 hours. It is so fast that you will begin to see result within just 30 minutes after taking it. Levitra is also a great choice buts its effect does not last so long. This is why it is suitable for people who just need fast results but not keen on durable effect.

If you need something that will last even longer, then you can go for Cialis. With this drug, your erection will last for more than 30 hours! This is because the active ingredient in Cialis will direct the flow of your blood to the male organ and this will initiate a strong erection and retain it for a long time.

This drug will erase your sexual disorder completely and make you enjoy the best of sex for as long as you want. Fortunately, you can order it online and several stores offer it with a good discount.