Save the Postal Service and Save Jobs

The United State Postal Service is facing imminent collapse.  New technologies coupled with national economic struggles have led to a tremendous drop in mail and postage revenue (USPS receives no money from taxes).  On top of these revenue declines, the Postal Service is saddled with unfair and burdensome financial obligations that were imposed by Congress.  This dangerous combination has sent the Postal Service into a tailspin.  Without reforms, the entire postal system could shut down by next summer.

But it’s not just the Postal Service that will suffer.  USPS continues to play a critical role in our nation’s economy:  it is the backbone of a mailing industry that supports 8 million private sector workers and represents 7 percent of our country’s GDP.  Businesses – large and small – still rely on the mail to reach customers, deliver products and communicate. These include:

  • Prescriptions, parcels, magazines, newspapers, catalogs, greeting cards, anyone who sends out bills and statements, as well as small businesses, such as pizza parlors, grocery stores, cleaners.
  • Paper, printing, technology and other suppliers to those mailers.


If the mail stops running, there will be disastrous economic consequences.

The Coalition for a 21st Century Postal Service represents a broad swath of the private sector industry that relies upon USPS.  The Coalition believes that with the right reforms, the Postal Service can be put on a sustainable path.

Among those reforms should be:

  • Relieving the unfair financial obligations imposed on USPS
  • Streamlining and modernizing its infrastructure, systems and workforce
  • Updating the postal collective bargaining process
  • Innovating, including partnering with businesses on nonpostal services


Without bold reforms, 8 million jobs, and the $1.1 trillion industry that depends on them, will be at grave risk.

So, Save the Mail and Save Jobs

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