5 Oct / 2017

The Many Benefits of Yoga

Yoga has become sort of a fitness craze in recent years mainly because it is super good for your body, mind, and spirit all at the same time. Do you realize that many illnesses and grouchy moods are caused by stress overload? Everyone seems to be busy running from here to there in a big hurry and the stress wears them down after a while.

Yoga is an exercise routine that works your muscles and helps you to relax at the same time. Yoga consists of breathing exercises, various stretches, and workouts that flex your muscles more than you imagined they would. If you watch a yoga workout, you might be inclined to think the routine might look a bit boring or wonder how in the world it could help you get fit and lose weight. Trust me when I say that a true yoga workout is much more difficult than you anticipate. The poses that you hold as you stretch work your muscles for sure and the entire routine really does burn quite a bit of calories.

What is wonderful about yoga is that it can be done in the comfort of your own home, out in a community class, at the beach, or anywhere you prefer. You can even watch DVDs or YouTube videos that will teach you how to do yoga.

Various types of yoga

Hatha yoga is a common form of yoga and involves consistent breathing exercises and slow-moving poses. As you perform a stretch and hold it, you focus on your inhale and exhale while relaxing at the same time. You will quickly learn that yoga emphasizes controlled breathing, relaxation, and strengthening and stretching the muscles. It really is the whole package when it comes to stress-reduction and exercise.

Pranayama yoga is a form of yoga that essentially involves breathing exercises that help you to learn how to control your breath. “Prana” means life force and “yama” means control. Many yoga enthusiasts use pranayama yoga in combination with other forms of yoga. There are four stages of this type of yoga that take you from a beginner state to a more enlightened state. As you go about your days engaging in pranayama yoga, your deep and controlled breathing will give you more clarity, exercise your lungs, and help you to feel less stressed and more energetic.

If you have not given yoga a try, take 30 minutes of time and either attend a yoga class or watch a DVD or YouTube video on the topic. Many yoga enthusiasts report that by regularly performing yoga, they feel fit, healthier, happier, and more in tune with their inner being. There are all sorts of yoga workouts you can try to see what kind you like best. If you do not want to try it alone, grab a friend and begin your yoga journey together. Most people that had reservations up front end up boasting about the health benefits from yoga once they have given it a chance. Why not give it a try this week?